Monday, April 19, 2010

Update/Seth's birthday...

Hey!! Sorry I have been so scarce lately..I have been busy..and TIRED lol.

I'll start off with Seth's birthday. It went as expected. It was hard, but was a great day. We spent some of the evening at the cemetery. We released a few balloons, and left a few balloons there at his grave. Emma sang happy birthday to him the WHOLE way to the cemetery. It was a day with just the family, as we wanted. Nothing big... We got lots og birthday wishes for him and Holly (Carleigh's mommy) even released a couple of balloons for him. THANKS Holly. It means alot to my family. That's about it for the birthday...

Now for baby updates and family updates...

We are doing great, and Matt made it through all of the layoffs Praise God!!! Emma is getting bigger and smarter everyday..She can be a total mess at times, but is my sweet little princess (or queen as she tells us) lol. She tells me that she is going to help feed Asa, change his diapers, and help give him a bath..but then turns around and tells me that I have to hold her, feed her, and change her diaper like a baby, because she isn't a big girl anymore, she is a baby too!!! lol. I am doing wonderful (just getting bigger by the second). It is hard to get comfy and sleep at I don't get much rest, but it is ok. Asa will be here in no later than about 4 weeks (but I honestly think I will pop before then.) So who knows, it could be in a little as 2 or 3 weeks!!! I am getting so excited, and can;t wait for my little boy to be here!!!

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading and God Bless you all!!

The Pumphrey Family!


  1. Glad everyone is doing great and I bet Emma will be a big help. I love to watch little ones help. When I was pregnant with my Jennifer my Marie used to say Elmo was inside her tummy growing. It was just so cute.
    Getting excited for you to. Hoping you have a wonderful delivery.
    Take care and {{HUGS}}}

  2. I'm glad you made it thru such a big day. And I was so glad I could do something for Seth. ♥

    It's good to hear Matt made it thru the layoffs.

    I'm sure Emma is getting big and learning so much! It'll def be a change for her when Asa is born. I hope she adapts to it well!