Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update on baby..and other things...

Hey! I hope this finds you all doing great!!!

To start off with, I finally have a date for my C-Section. My dcoctor will do it at 39 weeks, on May 20th..but I personally don;t think I will make it that long. He also said that the baby is getting BIG, so I guess after my next ultrasound, depending on hoe BIG he is, Dr. just might change his mind and do it sooner!!! lol.. but if not, just 7 short weeks to go.

Matt's company has had 3 big layoffs, but Thank God, Matt still has a job!!! This last one was 30 guys, I do believe. They are getting rid of the ones who have "bad attitudes", and that are slacking on their work. They have plenty of work, it just isn't started up yet. So as soon as they get the jobs started, some of the guys will get their jobs back. Matt works on service, and they have plenty of work, just the "big" jobs are kind of behing on starting other jobs.

Can you believe that in just 17 short days, We will be celebrating our little Seth's first birthday/angelversary???Man, time sure flies by!!

Well that's all for now..thanks for checking in!!!

God Bless,
The Pumphrey Family